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PresTop Products

Touch Tables, Information Kiosks, Stands & Lifts, Charging stations, Totems.

PresTop Products are produced by PresTop, based in The Netherlands. Since 1993 PresTop is specialized in design, assembly and production of Electric/Powered lifts, kiosks, touch tables, housings and charging stations. All our products can be delivered without (touch) monitor and are available through distributors, integrators and resellers. In our Smart touch tables and powered lifts PresTop Products uses Actuators and Lifting Columns which are designed and verified to be in conformity to all applicable regulatory requirements and standards.
Declarations of Conformity and CB Test Certificates, issued by National Certification Bodies, are available on request. Our Smartlifts and Powered touch tables are equipped with PIEZO™ (collision protection). PIEZO™ minimizes the risk for damages on a desk caused by squeezing or blocking of an obstacle.

For more information about our products and (reseller) prices please contact Janneke Prins or Ralf Lutters.

For our Dutch site press here: prestop.nl

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