Create your touch table with a Smart Lift

Add mobility and versatility to your touch screen installation! The PresTop Smart Lift allows you to convert your interactive display from presentation, to kiosk to touch table positions. Whether you need a touch table to collaborate, a kiosk to work on or a stand up presentation installation, the Smart Lift has got you covered.

Interactive presentations at a comfortable level

Tall or short, any presenter should be able to comfortably reach the top of their touch screen. That’s why PresTop lifting systems allow for easy and smooth electrical height adjustment. PIEZO™ Anti–Collision Technology provides maximum safety: the lift will retract automatically if an obstruction is detected.

Now with a free 5 years parts warranty!

Lifts for any classroom, boardroom and meeting room

  • Cost effective, minimal design
  • Mobile: use your touch screen anywhere
  • Easy touch screen placement with Universal Brackets System
  • Always a comfortable and ergonomic position
  • Dutch Design and Manufacturing
  • Table mode
  • Kiosk/drawing mode
  • Presentation mode
  • Kiosk/drawing mode

Main features

Fully electrically height adjustable and tiltable lift for touch screens. Enables use in any desired space. Will fit most touch screens in the market.

  • Cable management: Cable chain prevents cable clutter; internal power strip for connecting a touch screen and PC with just one power cable to the wall outlet
  • Safety: PIEZO™ Anti–Collision Technology
  • Warranty: 5 Years parts warranty
  • Options: Wireless remote control; Flightcase; PC Holder for High-Low Lift; Bluetooth App control for High-Low Lift; VESA conversion mounts for non-standard touch screen mount points. More options on request.

All-In-One Flight Case

  • High quality Flight Case
  • Super rigid strengthened frame
  • Removable top covers, usable for extra storage
  • Top cover can be used as bar table
  • Flight Case includes area for PC and accessories
  • Cable storage unit can be removed and placed under the bar table as extra storage
  • External connections to power and network
  • Internal hardware hooked up and ready to go. Plug in and run!
  • The whole unit can stay on your booth, so you never have to wait for the Flight Case again
  • Screen fully tiltable
  • Electrically in height adjustable
  • Suitable for 40″ up to 55″ screens
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  • Screen fully tiltable
  • Electrically in height adjustable
  • Suitable for 40″ up to 55″ screens

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PT-Lift-High Low

  • Electrically in height adjustable
  • Suitable for 40″ up to 70″ screens
  • PIEZO™ Anti –Collision Technology

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PT Lift Flightcase

We offer a custom built flight case for customers who wish to transport our lifts in combination with a touch screen – an attractive event and trade show presentation system! The flightcase offers roll on/roll off functionality for quick loading and unloading. Available in various colors.

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There’s more to your lift

PresTop offers accessories to make your lifting system even more functional. Customize your lift with a High Low Lift PC Holder, Wireless remote control, Bluetooth mobile control, PC holder, or VESA brackets for a touch screen with non-standard mounting points.

  • pt-m-lift-highlow_pcholder-lr
    PC Holder - High Low Lift
  • Wireless Remote Control - Smart Lift
  • Bluetooth Mobile App Control - High Low Lift
  • Wireless Remote Control - High Low Lift
  • Flightcase


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