Touch table housings

Create your own professional touch table with PresTop

With interactive displays entering the market from well-know brands like 3M, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Promethean, Smart, iiyama, LG and many others, there is an increasing demand to turn these touch screens into touch tables. Present, draw, inform, collaborate: touch tables bring interactivity to many more domains than just the classroom. Your touch screen on a PresTop mobile touch table housing can easily be used in any space you like, and can be tilted from stand up to table position.

Stand up position is ideal for presentations. Use the touch table as a drawing board or information kiosk at an angle of i.e. 45 degrees. Or lower the touch screen to a flat table position, gather your audience around and interact with multiple persons simultaneously. By using touch screens in your boardrooms and showrooms you will engage with your colleagues, partners and clients on a deeper level.

Interactive presentations at a comfortable level

Tall or short, any presenter should be able to comfortably reach the top of their touch screen. That’s why PresTop Smart Table housings allow for easy and smooth electrical height adjustment. PIEZO™ Anti–Collision Technology provides maximum safety: the lift will retract automatically if an obstruction is detected.

The most versatile touch table

    • Place your own touch screen
    • Enclosed space for a PC
    • Always a comfortable and ergonomic position
    • Mobile: use it anywhere
    • Dutch Design and Manufacturing
    • TÜV Certified for safety and quality
  • Table mode
  • Kiosk/drawing mode
  • Presentation mode
  • Kiosk/drawing mode

Main features

  • Touch: Fully electrically height adjustable and tiltable
  • Interior: Enclosed space for a PC
  • Materials: Sturdy steel construction, durable powdercoating
  • Options: Color, Wireless Remote Control, Flightcase, Omnitapps, More options on request.


  • Screen electrically tiltable to 90°
  • Electrically in height adjustable
  • Suitable for 40″ up to 55″ screens
  • Enclosed space with room for a Mini PC
  • Side accessible USB port
  • Universal Brackets System included, for easy (re)placement of your touch screen up to VESA 400 x 400. Custom sizes available upon request
  • Check our compatibility list

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  • Screen electrically tiltable to 90°
  • Electrically in height adjustable
  • Suitable for screens up to 84″
  • Enclosed space with room for a performance PC
  • Side accessible USB and HDMI ports
  • No-Flex Baseplate for touchscreens up to VESA 600 x 400. Custom sizes available upon request

Please check with the manufacturer whether your touch screen is suitable for operation in table position, especially for sizes over 55″. Or check our compatibility list.
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Functionality is in the details

With a high level of craftsmanship and many functional details, your touch table will offer great usability for a lifetime.

  • All cables out of sight
  • prestop_touch_table_955_pcap_smart_ii_wired_remote
    Included controls (wired)
  • prestop_touch_table_955_pcap_smart_ii_outside_usb
    Smart II- Side accessible USB ports
  • Smart II - Side accessible network and HDMI ports
  • Internal power and network connectors


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