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Steel reinforced, public proof: back covers

With digital signage becoming more and more pervasive, there is need for a solution to place monitors and touch screens in public places. Damage prevention and the reduction of tech support and maintenance overhead are key. PresTop offers steel back covers that will boost uptime and lower cost. Our steel back covers are made to fit perfectly, add structural stiffness and hide all cables and controls without modifying the display.

  • Reduce risk of damage
  • Hide cables and controls, prevent service interruptions
  • Add rigidity, prevent flexing – ideal for touch table builds!
  • No modification of the monitor, no impact on factory warranty
  • Available in black, white and custom color durable powder coating
  • Dutch Design and Manufacturing

Readily available

PresTop has designed and produced back covers for many types of monitors and touch screens. Some off-the-shelf designs are:


Brand Size Model
Toshiba/Planar 46″ PS4661T
Toshiba/Planar 55″ PS5561T
iiyama 32″ TF3237
iiyama 42″ TF4237MSC
iiyama 46″ TF4637MSC
Samsung 40″ DB40E
Sony 48″ FWL-48w705C
Sony 65″ X85C
Sony 55″ fw55x8570c, FWL-55w805c, fw55xd8501
3M 42″ C4267
3M 46″ C4667PW
Microsoft 55″ PPI
Panasonic 42″ th-42lfe7e
Samsung 55″ DM55D
Philips 32″ BDL3220QL
Philips 42″ BDL4220QL
Philips 55″ BDL5551EM
Philips 55″ BDL5520QL

Is your monitor type not in the list? We will gladly design and manufacture back covers for your project, starting at only 5 pieces minimum order quantity. PresTop back covers will fit Samsung, ELO, 3M, NEC, iiyama, Panasonic, BenQ, LG, Philips, Toshiba, Planar, Promethean, Smart and many other brands.

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Great fit and finish in all back covers

Attention to every detail in the design phase and high quality, low tolerance manufacturing assure that your PresTop back cover will fit your monitor perfectly.

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