Bezel free, edge-to-edge touch

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Projected-capacitive (PCAP), FlatFrog InGlass and 3M MetalMesh allow for bezel free, edge-to-edge glass designs. Very attractive and user-friendly products are possible with these technologies. PresTop supplies the glass surfaces, mounting enclosures and touch technology for complete integration.

At PresTop we can help you choose the touch technology to fit your application. In our Innovation Lab you can sample different products of several vendors for optical clarity, bezel free design, low cost and other requirements for touch skins. See here for a technology overview.

Our bezel-free products are attached to a rigid steel front and back enclosure, keeping cables and controls out of reach. This ensures lower maintenance costs and high resistance to damage.

Cleanroom integration for optimal quality

Touch foil lamination is susceptible to dust, air bubbles and wrinkles when done improperly. PresTop employs trained specialists who use a cleanroom to laminate the touch technology onto the glass surfaces.

PresTop Cleanroom PCAP Touch Foil Lamination

Custom form factors

Only PresTop can apply PCAP touch technology to glass surfaces of any size and form. Glass up to 12 mm thickness is supported, with options for anti-glare and hardening. Your logo can be silkscreened on the backside of the glass surface for extreme durability. The glass outside of the viewable area can be printed on the backside as well.

OEM Service

Leading multinational brands have selected PresTop as their OEM supplier for bezel-free touch integration. We offer design, manufacturing, branding, packaging and logistical services. Adding touch functionality to your large format display portfolio is easy with PresTop:

  • No modification of the display, no warranty issues
  • PresTop integrates the display for you
  • Great design
  • Available in various colors and branding options
  • Logo can be silkscreened on the backside of the glass surface for extreme durability
  • Best quality metalwork and coating, high level of detail
  • Large selection of protective glass: thickness, anti-glare, hardening, …
  • Logistics services to minimize inventory levels while offering continuous availability



Anti-glare hardened glass front, 4 or 6 mm thickness depending on size. Bezel free, edge-to-edge glass design. Borders outside of viewable area printed in black on the inside of the glass.

10 Touch point projected-capactive touch technology integrated. Read more on PCAP…

Available in: 18.5-65″.

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PT-PT-3M MetalMesh

Greater clarity and less sparkle and moiré pattern than standard PCAP technology. Read more…

Available in: 32, 42, 46, 55, 65” with up to 80 touch points.

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PT-PT-FlatFrog InGlass

The only touch technology that combines perfect optical clarity with bezel-free design. Read more…

Available in: 23, 42, 55, 65″. Available with up to 40 touch points. Does not support anti-glare glass.

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