Large size projected-capacitive touch

PCAP on 65-70-84-85-98 inch!

Large size touch screens are used in retail, board rooms, signage, meeting centers and more. Professional displays in diagonal sizes of for instance 84 or 85 inches are also installed as less-complicated replacements for video walls. PresTop is one of only a few companies worldwide to offer unique projected-capacitive, bezel free technology to make these displays interactive. Avoid the service hassle of IR bezels: an alternative is now available!

Excellent touch quality

PresTop selects projected-capacitive technology based on visual quality, touch responsiveness and minimal finger separation. We want you to experience excellent fluidity and fast response, which is challenging at these large sizes! The user experience is leading in our selection of touch foil and controller.

Specialist production

These large size foils can not be laminated by hand. Lamination also requires a clean room environment. PresTop employs specialist production techniques to guarantee great results.

 Integration and mounting

These are large and heavy monitors. The added weight of the PCAP touch skin – also known as touch overlay – and the protective glass needs to be taken into account as well. Stability when touched is extremely important. A serviceable solution also requires specialized hardware for mounting and integration. PresTop designs and manufactures complete solutions for your installation projects.

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