Panasonic touch skins

PresTop manufactures touch skins – also known as touch overlays – for popular professional displays by Panasonic. Our touch skins feature excellent build quality and workmanship, sturdily made of glass and steel. Turn your Panasonic digital signage display into a touch screen!

Leading multinational brands have selected PresTop as their OEM supplier for touch screen skins. We offer design, manufacturing, branding, packaging and logistical services. Adding touch functionality to your large format display portfolio is easy with PresTop:

  • Widest choice of touch technology: ShadowSense, PCAP, 3M
  • No modification of the display, no warranty issues
  • Easy integration by reseller, end user, or let PresTop integrate the display for you
  • Great design
  • Best quality metalwork and coating, high level of detail
  • Logistics services to minimize inventory levels while offering continuous availability


PT-PT-ShadowSense-Touch Skins for Panasonic

High quality touch skins for Panasonic touch screens featuring infrared ShadowSense touch technology. Bezels around the screen house infrared sensors and transmitters. The multiple sensors calculate exact positions based on shadows cast by your finger(s). Read more…

  • 4-6 mm hardened glass, depending on size
  • 10 simultaneous touch points including support for 10-finger drawing
  • impervious to interference by sunlight and spotlights
  • available for 42″ to 98″
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PT-PT-PCAP-Touch Skins for Panasonic

Fully flat, bezel-free glass surface. High quality touch touch skinbased on projected-capacitive (PCAP) technology. A foil on the inside of the glass detects touches based on disturbance of an electric field. Read more…

  • edge-to-edge glass, bezel free
  • 4-6 mm hardened glass, depending on size
  • 10 simultaneous touch points
  • available for sizes 32″ up to 55″, larger sizes on request
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PT-PT-3M-Touch Skin for Panasonic

3M has perfected MetalMesh projected-capacitive technology. Read more…

  • edge-to-edge glass, bezel free
  • line pattern almost invisible
  • greater clarity, less sparkle and moiré
  • up to 80 simultaneous touch points!
  • available for 49″, 55″ and 65″
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PT-PT-FlatFrog InGlass for Panasonic

High tech touch skin. Invisible light is reflected within the glass. The reflection is disturbed and detected when you touch the glass. Read more…

  • the only touch technology that combines perfect optical clarity with bezel-free design
  • edge-to-edge glass
  • up to 40 simultaneous touch points
  • available for 55″ and 65″
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PresTop supports models such as the Panasonic Panasonic TH-98LQ70L, TH-84LQ70L, TH-55AF-1, TH-49AF1, TH-42AF1, TH-55LF80, TH-49LF80, TH-42LF80, TH-55LF8, TH-49LF8 en TH-42LF8.

How can you compare PresTop touch skins to the touch screens marketed under the Panasonic brand?

  • PresTop touch skins feature an excellent build quality, designed and manufactured in The Netherlands
  • PresTop offers a choice of  ShadowSense, PCAP and 3M touch technology – Panasonic only offers IR
  • Panasonic limits its number of simultaneous touch points to 12; PresTop offers up to 80 touch points
  • PresTop supports a large selection of different models and sizes, depending on your project’s size

Panasonic touch screen models:

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